All Dental Clinic’s Patient Testimonials

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I want to share with you my experience in All Dental, I’ve arrived into their office they treated me with respect and gentleness. They took a panoramic XRay and they did a few studies on me, they explained what would me the best treatment for me, so I agreed on it.

I was highly impressed to see my new smile!!!! I loved the color and the shape of my new teeth. Usually I get a lot of compliments about my smile; people can’t believe that my smile was done in a Tijuana. I can’t thank enough for the great job they did on me
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My wife and I flew from Texas, to get services done in Tijuana Mexico. We were afraid about the insecurity of the city, but we booked a hotel in town, we staid about 7 days, they did on me all my veneers upper and lower. I’m so glad about the results, the price even better. Price comparison from the United States is about one third and the best part of all is that they have a guaranty.
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Hi my name is Brian Moreland I work in show bussiness so for me my smile is extremely important, when I went with Dr. Reynoso my teeth needed a lot of work; I told him my concerns I had to have a “PERFECT SMILE” so I put my teeth in his hands and a couple of visits latter, My teeth where so much better, you can see my pictures now: Even, straigh and withe teeth just “PERFECT”. .
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Hello my name is Richard Poole and I’m going to tell you why I choose to fly all the way to Tijuana to see everyone at ALL DENTAL, instead of just getting the work done here in New York.

For me my smile is a basic work tool since I work in the theater, on one of my last productions the Phantom of the Opera the only thing that was actually showing of my face was my smile, so I was really, really glad All Dental took care of it before.

The staff is very friendly and helpful, they answered all my questions, the made the whole dental experience very different and warm, they took the time to explain the whole process of my treatment.

And that is why I prefer to fly, because I know I’m in hands I can trust!!! 
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