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A root canal is what is popularly known as "nerve killing"

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Service Description

A root canal is what is popularly known as "nerve killing," and refers to root canal treatment of the tooth. Through this treatment, our experts eliminate, totally or partially, the pulp of the tooth to subsequently proceed to its sealing. Endodontics is usually done when caries has reached the pulp causing your infection, but this is not the only cause. In our dental clinic in Tijuana we have advanced dental care, so you never lose the shine and health of your smile How long can a root canal tooth last? It will depend on the care of the treated tooth. A tooth with endodontics is weaker than a normal piece since it loses vitality when the pulp is extracted, therefore it can fracture more easily and can even lead to cavities. That is why it is essential to maintain correct hygiene habits and visit the dentist frequently to review and assess the evolution of the treatment carried out. Endodontic benefits • Save the tooth, preventing the infection from reaching the point of completely losing your tooth. • Cures the infection by eliminating all bacteria, avoiding pain • It is not painful, because local anesthesia is used to perform it • It is compatible with the organism • Keep your oral health in perfect condition and you can preserve your radiant smile.

Cancellation Policy

Para cancelar o reprogramar su cita, comuniquese con nosotros al +52 664 850 1676 con almenos un día de anticipación. Gracias

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  • The F Tower, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, Tijuana, B.C., México

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