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Benefits of dental cleaning

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Service Description

It consists of a periodic review in which our team of dentists begins by ruling out some type of periodontal disease and later locating where there is a higher concentration of stains, bacterial plaque and tartar accumulated on the gums and teeth. In order to continue with its complete elimination. They do not cause any pain, in some people it can cause slight discomfort, especially in patients with very sensitive teeth. It is a simple procedure that mostly does not require more than one session. Types of oral cleaning Among the types of cleaning, there are basic cleaning and deep cleaning, although they are used in different situations, neither diminishes their effectiveness, on the contrary, both help maintain correct oral health. Basic cleaning Its main function is to eliminate tartar and bacterial plaque, its procedure is simple and is performed in one session. It begins with the removal of the tartar that is above the gum line, a special paste to clean and ending with the polishing of the dental pieces. Deep This type of cleaning is done in greater depth because it is performed in patients suffering from gingivitis or a periodontal disease. It is performed under local anesthesia, it is a deep cleaning that is done with special instruments such as curettes, with which tartar is removed below the level of the gum. Benefits of dental cleaning In our clinic they will help you keep your teeth free of food residues that later become tartar. When you do this type of treatment you also help: • Eradicate the appearance of tartar and bacterial plaque. • Prevent dental diseases like gingivitis or caries. • Prevent periodontitis. • Eliminate stains on teeth. • Provide greater protection to dental pieces.

Cancellation Policy

Para cancelar o reprogramar su cita, comuniquese con nosotros al +52 664 850 1676 con almenos un día de anticipación. Gracias

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