Are you wondering where to eat while you are in Tijuana?

We’ve select the best restaurants in town to provide recommendations in Tijuana and surrounding areas. Below is a list of restaurants that are close to our Tijuana dentist office, and a review provided by one of our staff members.

Bon Appetit!

La Diferencia 
Logo Of La Diferencia
La Diferencia transports us to the interior of the country, to our ancestor’s old Hacienda and suddenly, we feel at home again. Immersed in Mexican flavor, la diferencia welcomes you with the sound of the Mariachi and festive décor. Cozy and truly enjoyable, its main dinning area resembles hacienda’s interior patio with its mosaic covered fountain. Although the titles, the limestone and authentic Mexican pieces reveal character, it is not until you taste its fine cosine that you verify its superiority.

La Diferencia Restaurant

Blvd. Sanchez Taboada # 5060-C
Distrito Gastronomico
Tijuana, Baja California 

Logo Of Tabule
Sleek and uncluttered, appeals to upscale locals as well as visitors looking for interesting and intimate new dining options, all without being expensive. House specialities are grilled meats, tongue, sausages and traditional codfish dishes, as well as a light menu.

Avenida Sonora 3240
Chapultepec, 22020 
Tijuana Baja California
Tel:(664) 681 7120
La Querencia
Logo Of La Querencia
La Querencia es un nuevo concepto gastronomico unico e innovador por la fusion de 3 influencias, la cocina centenaria oriental, el cultivo de la vid y principalmente ingredientes procedentes de nuestro clima mediterraneo y del Oceano Pacifico da como resultado la creacion de la autentica Cocina Baja Med, que se a colocado en el gusto y preferencia de los Bajacalifornianos y visitantes.

Av. Escuadron 201 Col. Aviación, 
Tijuana B.C. 
Telefono:(664) 972-9935y 40 
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