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Dentistry Resources

The smile is often the first thing others notice about us, so when it is less than perfect, it can lead us to feel self-conscious about our appearance. Caring for your teeth and undergoing regular dental check-ups can go a long way toward helping you preserve a healthy, beautiful smile. Even with these habits, however, some cosmetic dentistry procedures may be necessary. One of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening. While there are many over-the-counter whitening options, professional in-office teeth whitening has proven to be the most effective. Receiving teeth whitening treatments from a qualified dentist can ensure your safety and optimal results. With laser teeth whitening options such as Zoom!, patients can brighten their teeth up to four shades brighter. When a proper brushing and flossing regimen is followed post-treatment, results can last for several years.

Other Elective Procedures in Tijuana

Many patients travel to Tijuana, Mexico to undergo medical treatment. While some patients simply undergo cosmetic dentistry in Mexico, others may opt for plastic surgery procedures. Medical tourism has become increasingly popular and can be a good way for patients to undergo high-quality treatments at a discounted rate. Many surgeons perform tummy tucks, mommy makeover and breast augmentation in Tijuana.

Dentists Outside of Mexico
East Tremont Dental

Dr. Robert Steinberger is a premier dentist in The Bronx, NY, who offers a range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures to patients throughout New York City. He uses the very latest treatment techniques and tools to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. In addition to treating adults, Dr. Steinberger is a trusted pediatric dentist. Learn more at

Dr. Edderai

Dr. Jacques Edderai is an experienced dentist in North Miami Beach, FL, who is widely recognized as a leading provider of general and cosmetic dentistry services. He is proud to provide patients with high-quality treatments and attentive care. Some of the treatments he offers include dental crowns, implants and porcelain veneers.

Bucks County Smiles

Patients in need of a dentist in Bucks County trust the professionals at Bucks County Smiles who have 65 years of combined general and cosmetic dentistry experience. The practice uses the most advanced technology and the safest treatment techniques for all procedures, including teeth whitening, dental bondingand dental implants.
Dentist in Bucks County:

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