Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning
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Regular teeth cleaning (Prophylaxis) by a dental hygienist is recommended to remove tartar (mineralized plaque) that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas that are difficult for a patient to reach on his own at home. A dental cleaning process has 3 steps:

  • Scaling: This is the removal of plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces with different types of scaling being used in relation to the amount of plaque and tartar. Here in all Dental we use electric scalers which allow dental cleaning to be done in much shorter period of time.
  • Root planning: This is the cleaning of pockets to stop further gum problems. When the gum is inflamed gum pockets become deeper and they lose bone connections inside. The deeper these pockets are the easier it is for them to trap plaque deposits and make the gum worse.
  • Polishing: This is the finishing touch of rubbing on the surface of the teeth. Cleaning should be performed every six months to prevent excessive plaque buildup.
Regular check-ups and cleanings can prevent these problems as well as provide you with good oral hygiene.

  •  1. To Prevent Oral Cancer
  • 2. To Prevent Gum Disease
  • 3. To Keep Your Teeth
  • 4. To Detect Dental Problems Early
  • 5. To Maintain Good Oral Health
  • 6. To Have a Bright and White Smile
  • 7. To Prevent Bad Breath

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Dental cleanings are the first line of defense against oral health problems. At All Dental, we perform thorough examinations and tooth cleanings to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. We also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including orthodontic care, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening in Tijuana. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.
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