Daily Tips On Dental Health

Daily Tips on Dental Health

Get a panoramic X-ray when teeth are overcrowded

Teeth overcrowding is a problem that leads to crooked and badly looking teeth. Sometimes the overcrowding is caused by wisdom teeth that have grown and taken the space in your jaw. It is worth getting a panoramic X-ray to assess the state of your wisdom teeth. In some cases extractions can release the pressure on the neighboring teeth.
See a throat specialist in case of bad breath
Bad breath is often caused by the food particles that get trapped in the mouth or between teeth allowing bacteria to grow on them. In some cases however, the bad breath might be caused by the infection that happens in the sinus area. If your dentist’s efforts do not help you might ask your GP to schedule you an appointment with a specialist.

Avoid staining drinks and foods after teeth whitening

Shiny smile after teeth whitening can last up to few years although it hugely depends on the lifestyle habits and some anatomical conditions. Fizzy drinks as well as other coloring foods and drinks such us coffee or tea should be avoided in order to extend the life of your “bright smile”.

Opt in for permanent reconstructions rather than dentures

Dentures are commonly used replacements for missing teeth. They are widely available and cheap when compared with other permanent dental solutions. However, patients need to be aware that dentures provide only about 20% of the biting force compared with natural teeth. Patients also need to be aware that partial dentures (supported on natural teeth) apply additional pressure on the existing teeth and may contribute to the damage of these teeth in the long term. Although permanent missing teeth restorations such as dental implants or multiple dental bridges are more expensive, it is advisable that patients with missing teeth problems opt for such reconstructions. Not only the appearance, comfort and durability will be greater, but most importantly, permanent solutions such as dental implants will take off the pressure from the healthy teeth saving them from the potential damage.

Seek another dentist’s opinion if the extraction has been recommended

When a patient has been advised to have a tooth extracted because of the damage or decay, it is always worth obtaining another dentist’s opinion. There are a few reasons why it should be done. Firstly, range of materials and level of expertise differs between dental surgeries and some dentists might be better equipped to treat certain problems (i.e. teeth infections, abscess etc.) and provide better dental care. Secondly, in the long run it works out cheaper to save a natural tooth rather than extracting it and applying a permanent solution such as dental implants or bridges.

Rinse your mouth with water after meals

Ideally, teeth should be brushed after each meal. It is hardly ever possible and therefore dentists’ advice is to try and rinse your mouth after each meal. Water will help to clean any food leftovers and will also help to neutralize the PH levels in your mouth.

See your dentist for a check-up every 6 – 12 months

Probably you have heard that one before but it is a really valuable dental care tip. Having regular dental check-ups significantly reduces the chances of developing any infections or decay that may lead to teeth loss in the future. It is simply because the dentist will recommend a treatment if he / she discovers any negative changes in your mouth. Some practices offer free dental check-ups.

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